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Garden update!

Garden is doing great!  And since a picture is worth 1000 words, I'll just show instead of tell.

More to plant, more to do, but its a start!


Today's extremely tasty and easy lunch concoction:

Asparagus, cut into ~1" long sticks
Tofu, cut into rough cubes

Cook asparagus til al dente in sesame oil with ginger and black pepper.
Add tofu and about 2-4 tsp oyster sauce, mix it all up together
add maybe 1/8 c water and cover til the asparagus is done. 
Add corn starch to thicken sauce
Devour hungrily

Oh hey, its garden season!

Garden is almost done! 

The acorn squash and cherry & beefsteak tomatoes I started 2 months ago have been transplanted, and planted more - butternut squash, cucumber, cantelope, watermelon, more lettuce (you can never have enough!), nasturtiums and marigolds around the tomatoes. 

I have more tomatoes, some eggplant and some peppers coming from Anna - good thing since my peppers were the one thing that didn't grow. Must've been a bum packet of seeds. 

Artichokes... who knows if they'll survive, something keeps eating the leaves, some sort of bug. 

Spinach, lettuce snow peas and green beans are doing awesome, round two of spinach and lettuce are starting to come up in the next bed over, along with the second batch of radishes.  Think I need to harvest those earlier, they're probably ready now in fact.  I could actually make a whole salad from the things growing in my garden. Maybe I should.

I have very little space left, and trying to decide what else to plant or not plant.  I really want to grow some rainbow chard because I love it, but J doesn't eat it.  If the artichoke actually survives that'll probably take up most of the room that's left in the garden, but I have no idea what to expect from those.  Despite having the leaves chewed off its still growing. 

Big tasks left, other than the everpresent watering and weeding:

- put up trellises for the cucurbits and tomatoes

- put down mulch or hay to block some of the weeds

- put soaker hose in 3 beds (its already down in the bed with the tomatoes)

- put up a fence around the garden so the rabbits and woodchucks don't eat everything

- put down crushed stone around the fence and under the decking between boxes

- maybe plant some pretty flowers to trail up the fence, who knows.

- build cold frames for extending the growing season into autumn


I should take some pictures!

Edit:  I found more room to plant things.  Its a bit in the shade, but it'll do.   I'm just about ready to put up the fence.. now I just have to find the time to do it.  May have to do a few fenceposts a day after work every day because the next four weekends are all full up already.  I really need to get that in before rabbits and woodchucks devour my peas.

Now, what to do with this space.  That is the question!

Apr. 1st, 2010

If you are reading this right now, please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.

It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your LJ and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON'T ACTUALLY remember about you.

Mar. 17th, 2010

Today I got to dig in the dirt AND play with glue! 

After work we went to Despot to get some supplies, and once we got home I started my winter sowing... though I guess I'm a little late, its really spring sowing now, and I'll have to keep it out of direct sun.  So far I have 2 containers full of dirt, I ran out of sunlight before I got the rest.  I'll get those tomorrow I guess, and put the seeds in if I have time.

After that, I helped J lay the first 6 courses of hardwood flooring in the bedroom we've been redoing for the past 3 years.  A few more hours of flooring and we'll be ready to have our furniture delivered!!!  Its only been sitting in the factory waiting for us to pick it up for about a year... yeah we might need to work on our punctuality with these projects a bit.

But hey this is almost the last step.  Finally.  Flooring, then furniture, then trim, then.... done!  Oh and closet hardware would be helpful too, I guess.  OMG I cannot wait to sleep on my new bed.   I have been wanting a tempurpedic mattress ever since I used to sell them back in 2002.  8 years, a long time to wait.  Our current mattress hurts my back, so it'll be GREAT to go to something new and different!

Things are fantastic. I did all that, and still have energy.  I'm not falling over.  I didn't have to take breaks to go sit on the couch and recover.  I could have kept going longer with everything, if I hadn't run out of time in the day.  Its AMAZING!!!  I'm still not over the novelty of being able to actually do projects and keep up with them.  I have a feeling my garden is going to actually be maintained this year, instead of giving up after a month and letting the weeds take over.  And I'm so jazzed to start rock climbing again!  I should just make the Savella logo my new userpic,  I love it so much.

Coloring book!

I made this for dodging_fate 's daughter, and thought I'd share for those of you who like pretty pictures:

Coloring Book!Collapse )

Mar. 1st, 2010

Ooh, I can use my mostly dead icon!  Its been a while.

So things are going fantastically on the Savella.  I have -no- side effects on it, it feels very natural.  I have TONS of energy still, too!  I've been swing dancing and snowboarding, and doing both  to the point of exhaustion, and feeling fine the next day.  In fact, I frequently don't GET to a point of exhaustion.. I just keep feeling great all night until its time to go home!  I do notice that I've got less stamina than I would like, but I'm slowly increasing that, little by little.

I finally went back to physical therapy, for hte first time since christmas.  Two months without it and I didn't need it!!!  I went back because I'd tweaked my back a little at swing dancing, and just wanted to get everything back in shape before going to Stratton with my dad.

Well it looks like I'll need to go to PT again, because OH MAN did I kill myself on mountain!  My first trip up to the top, there was a ton of fog that killed visibility.  In the middle of a turn, the snow suddenly dropped out from under me, and I went down hard and slammed the back of my head into the ground.  Took me a bit to recover from that... thank bob for helmets or I would have been concussed!  As it was I thought I had gotten a concussion, but it turned out the reason I couldn't see was because my glasses had been ripped off :)
Despite falling - which compressed everything on my right side noticably and was pretty painful - I managed to keep going all day, and eventually the pain wore off because I was having so much fun.  We were among the first people to get there shortly after the mountain opened, and were among the last to leave after they closed.  Pretty incredible to me that I would have that kind of stamina!!  This is why I LOVE this drug, I never would have been able to do that before.

This morning, I'm in pain though.  NOT fibro pain, which is fantastic!  But its because I fell.. my neck is out of whack, as are my shoulders, and my leg... so i need to stretch and go to PT just to fix this up.  Hopefully I can get an appointment before Thursday, so I don't have to skip swing this week!  This pain is annoying, actually, because I don't have the accompanying fatigue I'm so used to with fibro... I'm still hyper, it just hurts to do anything.  Ha ha ha this must be what it feels like to be normal!!!



OH MY GOD I am a normal real person again, for the first time in nine years! I have ENERGY! I get up and do things, and don't have to stop and take a break! For years and years I've thought I was just a lazy piece of crap because I couldn't stick with something for more than ten minuets without going and sitting on the couch, going to my computer, something. But no. i just was fatigued and in pain. And now... i'm NOT! I have been going nonstop all weekend, its great. I sewed, I played with the tablesaw Jameel got me for christmas, I screwed planks of wood together, I wrapped presents, I cooked, I visited people, I took my dog for long walks, I did small clean-up as I saw messes and things that needed to be cleaned... and I felt AMAZING the whole time.

I could die happy right now. My life is what I've wanted it to be for so long.

No nausea. Very minimal headaches. Lots of energy. Slight bit of above-average irritability one day, but I managed to deal with it okay and it hasn't come back. Still have a little bit of fibro pain, but not nearly as debilitating as it used to be - I can function around it, and I get the feeling that a few more sessions of PT will get rid of them. No more fatigue than the average bear - I can go all day, and then just be tired at bedtime.

And the best, most unexpected part? My appetite is significantly decreased. Okay, no, that's not quite right... more like, when I'm sated I can't eat any more, instead of being able to cram more food down my gullet until I felt stuffed to the gills. And I don't feel hungry until I'm really, REALLY hungry.

More activity + far less food = I've lost 3lbs already and its only been 5 days.

and I'm not even up to the full dose yet, I have another 2 days before I go up to the next and final step! The more of this drug I get in me the better I feel, it seems. But I'm finally ready to conclude that its not just placebo or a change in the weather: This drug is really working for me.

In conclusion: WOOHOO!!!!

Dec. 2nd, 2009

I am SO fucking sick of this stupid goddamn fucking piece of crap body. Life sucks, I want a do-over.

This morning's pondering: X-Men edition

You know Wolverine from X-Men had those retractable Adamantium claws, right? He wasn't born with those things. They were installed later in life, when some crazy army scientists discovered his mutant power, which was to heal really friggin fast. So when he first got them, he must have had a hard time controlling when they retracted and whatnot.

Also, Logan wasn't the most charming guy in the world. He looks like the kind of guy who would spit loogies, scratch his ass, and I bet he was a nose picker too. So I'm wondering why he doesn't have more scars around his face, especially the nose region.

*** edit ***
I looked on wikipedia, he was born with retractable bone claws and they were just coated with adamantium. I guess that makes sense.